Efficient Reliable Excellence

We commit to delivering excellent legal counsel, with careful attention to the client’s bottom line, time after time after time. . .


Efficient. Excellence is required of a lawyer, but so is responsibility to the client’s financial position. We work hard to design and implement cost structures that make sense for our clients in a variety of situations.  We combine the standard billable hour method of billing with flat or capped fees, blended rate billing, contingent arrangements and modified contingent arrangements to find an arrangement that meet the client’s needs.


Reliable.  Our clients deserve the highest level of service, and our goal is to provide that gold standard level of service reliably to every client, in every case, every time.


Excellence. At Manley Burke excellence is our bottom line, and we demand it from our most senior partners to our law student clerks, and all our staff in between.

These principles have guided the attorneys of Manley Burke since 1979 when Bob Manley and Tim Burke first opened its doors.  In the nearly 40 years since then, Manley Burke has sustained its commitment to excellence and efficiency. That’s how we keep offering big law talent in a hometown firm environment.