Registered Agent Services

What is a Registered Agent?

This is the person whose name and address the business entity provides to the Secretary of State  for receiving official documents, such as notice of a lawsuit (summons), on behalf of the business entity. Also called an agent for service of process or agent for acceptance of service. States typically require that a corporation name an actual person (usually in the articles of incorporation or other filing with the Secretary of State) who is authorized to accept service of any lawsuit or claim against the business entity.

Why do I need a Registered Agent?

Most states require business entities that do business within their borders to designate and maintain a registered agent. Dependable registered agent service is your company’s first defense against unwanted legal outcomes, including default judgment.

If you’re registering an out of state entity such as an LLC or corporation in Ohio or Kentucky for a certificate of authority, you’ll need a registered agent within those states.

If you’re forming an Ohio or Kentucky corporation or LLC, you’ll need a registered agent.

While a registered agent may seem like a minor detail, it does play an important role in receiving communications and keeping your business entity in good standing. Missing an important filing date or failing to respond to a lawsuit notice can be avoided if you consider this issue.

In need of a Registered Agent in Ohio or Kentucky for Your Corporation or LLC?

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