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Local Government & Community Representation

Every town or municipality, regardless of size, can benefit from competent legal counsel. At the Cincinnati law firm of Manley Burke, we have extensive experience representing local and regional governments and community organizations. We know how quickly matters between the government and the community can become contentious, and we strive to resolve all issues efficiently and effectively. Because we have represented entities on both sides, we are better prepared to assist our clients in achieving their goals.

We also have expertise involving election law.

Local Government Representation

Our experience representing local governments in civil law matters runs deep, with our attorneys serving as Law Directors of the Villages of Evendale, Lockland, and Ohio. Additionally, the firm maintains ongoing relationships with other villages, townships and cities throughout Ohio and regularly represents them in civil law issues. We represent governments and governmental entities such as school districts, local libraries and housing organizations in all civil law matters, including those involving:

  • Brownfield site issues
  • Civil rights
  • Contracts
  • Employment

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Community Representation

We focus a portion of our practice on community representation. This includes assisting individuals, neighborhood and public interest groups in civil law matters involving local, state and federal governments, developers and other entities. We rely on our breadth of experience and in-depth knowledge to guide our clients through the legal process and craft creative solutions to complex issues.

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Election Law

Our election law practice combines the tenets of constitutional law and political science. We fight to protect the voting rights of every Ohioan and ensure local and state elections adhere to the law. We represent:

  • Individual voters
  • Candidates for office
  • Political parties
  • Lobbyists and special interest groups

We handle a variety of election law issues, such as:

  • Voting rights
  • Election procedures
  • Campaign finance
  • Election fraud

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